The survival of the seaturtle article

Or film that we did for TED-ed last year have been highlighted in there blog. Read the full article here.

If you haven’t seen the film, look here

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Searching for sugar man winner of Academy awards 2013, Best Documentary


Yes! The right film got it! We are super happy and proud that “Searching for Sugarman”, who we provided with some character animation, where announced winner of 2013 Academy awards as Best documentary. Great work everyone.

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Searching for sugar man nominated for Best Documentary

We did some animation for Searching for sugar man together with our friends at Filmtecknarna a couple of years ago. Today the film received an academy award nomination for Best Documentary Feature! Fingers crossed!

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Conserving our spectacular, vulnerable coral reefs

Here is our latest animation for TED-ed. We hope you like it, enjoy!

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Toca tailor trailer

Always wanted to design your own clothes? Then check out Toca Tailor – out Oct 25th on App Store! We have done the animation for the facial expressions, a kind of limited animation gig.
More info:

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Searching for sugarman trailer

A couple of years ago we did a fully hand drawn walkcycle and some cut-out animated scenes for a documentary about the american musician Rodriguez. In South africa is Rodriguez as famous as Bob Dylan is here. Only that no one have told him and the rumor in South africa said that he is dead. The film detailing the efforts of two fans, Stephen ‘Sugar’ Segerman and Craig Bartholomew Strydom, to discover what had become of him.

We hadn’t heard anything about the film and our scenes in years so it was a great surprise when this trailer got aired on TV last month. And we’re very glad that it has won prices in festivals like Sundance, Tribeca, Toronto, the critics are thrilled and most of all: people are filling the seats in the Cinemas. Here is more info about the film, IMDB and in moviezine.

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Mello Yello nominated for best animated commercial 2012

It’s with great joy we noticed that the Againstallodds commercial for the Coca cola brand Mello Yello have been nominated for best commercial at the annual “Roygalan” for best animated commercial in 2012. We’re very proud and happy that we got to be a part of the production.

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Toca band music video

Yo, Yo, check out the music video for the game Toca band. It’s getting a lot of views, probably because the song is so catchy and the characters so cute. We did the animation together with Nyberg animation. Editing by Toca Boca’s art director Arvid Tappert and music by Håkan Lidbo. Peace!

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Big bad wolf

This is our second game for Quickspinn. We provided them the character animation, pigs running and the wolf howling. It’s available on Mirrorballs facebook page. This is more or less how far you can push character animation within the 1,5 mb that is the app limit.


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Toca band released

YO YO YO! Toca Band is finally out! Cinematic and Martin Nyberg did the animation for Toca Boca. The rapper Stikk Figga and the rest of the band can’t wait to get onstage, so get your app now for $1.99 at:
Already having fun with Toca Band? Don’t forget to rate and review it on App Store!

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